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"I have enjoyed Jazzercise for years, but over the last few months, I have made Jazzercise a priority and a regular part of my routine. My strength and stamina have increased noticeably. Now, I can get through a Flip Fusion class without taking breaks or using lighter weights. I love what Jazzercise has done for my body and my health!"

- Caroline H, Durham, NC 

"I joined Jazzercise in 2006 - four years after undergoing a double lung transplant due to Cystic Fibrosis. That year, my doctors determined that I needed a kidney transplant. In order to build up strength to undergo surgery, I had to find something that would keep my lungs and body in tip-top shape. I joined Jazzercise 10 weeks before my surgery and was able to return to class less than two weeks post-surgery! Recently, I attended my 1600th class and look forward to many, many more. My instructors and classmates have become friends and a source of constant inspiration to stay healthy, push myself and listen to my body."

- Jill D, Durham, NC

"Jazzercise is responsible for my greater strength, stamina, increased coordination and better sleep. I lost 30 pounds and went from size 12 to 6! After knee surgery, I continued low-impact/high-intensity Jazzercise classes instead of Physical Therapy, and it worked. Because of Jazzerise, I was able to join four 30-35 year olds climbing a 2100 ft. high mountain this year!"

- Laura J, 57, Durham, NC


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